Apulian's traditions and flavours

Whoever visits the land of Puglia has the good fortune of being surrounded by BEAUTY: beautiful beaches with golden reflections of the sun, precious archaeological sites, a beautiful landscape characterized by ruins and caves, Baroque masterpieces and historical fortified farmhouses.

This ancient region, supposedly the land where the hero Aeneas arrived after fleeing the Trojan War, is extremely fertile and full of Mediterranean scents. Located in the clay soil of the Bari province, the wineries of the Di Gioia family were founded in 1998.

Since the 1950s, grandfather Giovanni has been running the vineyard for decades producing a fine Puglian wine, the ruby red Primitivo, made from the vines on his land.

The company also produces a high-quality EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

The quality of the oil is due to traditional production methods (cold pressure) which preserve the unique flavours of the region.This excellent oil, mainly obtained from the OLEAROLA BARESE, PASOLA and LECCINO types of olives, is appreciated for its fruity fragrance and opaque aspect; the presence of valuable antioxidants keep its full nutritional value and preserves the product, keeping its fragrance pure.

The Winery combines both the cult of memories and the spirit of innovation, in order to make its products representative of the best qualities of the region Puglia.



Continuing the family tradition with care, the grandchildren, Giovanni – expert wine maker- and Angelo Antonio – sales manager, now run the winery launched by their grandfather. They strongly believe that good wine is “the poetry of the Earth”. (Mario Soldati).


Apulian wines

Most of the vines are grown from traditional grape varieties, some of them dating back to the Magna Graecia period: Primitivo, Negroamaro Puglia, Negro di Troia, Fiano, Chardonnay and Malvasia: fine wines to which a scrupulous care detail is added, in a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.